Voiceless Communication System

Voiceless Communication System

NeoVision is equipped with a special communication device which allows inter-office communication to be fast, quiet, and discrete. It transmits important messages in all work areas through lighted buttons. Simple, readable meanings are assigned to colored and engraved lights, identifying People, Actions, and Places. The intended (assigned) staff member responds by adding to or by resetting (acknowledging) the light buttons. Lights are illuminated only when a message is sent, and they remain extinguished for up to 90% of the working day. This communication system offers the following benefits:

  • Requests staff silently;
  • Directs staff without knowing where they are;
  • Informs staff of changing patient status;
  • Informs staff of phone calls and reply silently;
  • Knows where each doctor is;
  • Knows which rooms have patients;
  • Knows which patient to see next;
  • Knows how many patients await each doctor.

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