WaveScan Analyzer

WaveScan Analyzer

The Wavefront technology captures the unique imperfections (irregularities) in your vision that could not have been measured before. This gives us the treatment options that are truly individualized to your visual needs. (CustomLASIK)

VISX WaveScan aberrometer (analyzer) is the VISX implementation of Wavefront technology. The system works by bouncing a harmless infrared light off your retina. The reflected beam washes over the internal optical structures of the eye, emerging as a light wave. The shape of this wave, or Wavefront, is compared to that of the optically perfect eye to create a Wavefront eye map. This map is used to generate the surgical plan for Wavefront LASIK treatment on the VISX S4 Excimer laser.

WaveScan produces a very precise, detailed map of light rays as they travel through your eyes, highlighting imperfections in your vision. Like fingerprints, no two Wavefront eye maps are alike. A Wavefront map of an eye with no visual errors appears to have a flat surface because all of the light rays travel evenly through the eye. A Wavefront map of an eye with visual imperfections appears curved or distorted because some light rays reach the retina before others or strike different points on the retina.

By mapping both eyes using the WaveScan, a very specific visual profile, referred to as a Wavefront eye map (or visual “fingerprint”) is created for each eye. Your LASIK surgeon programs these unique profiles into the Excimer laser, customizing the treatment according to each eye’s distinct vision corrections needs. It significantly improves the quality of vision following surgery.

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