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2 Union Square,
Union City, CA 94587
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Welcome to NeoVision Eye Center in Union City

Our mission at NeoVision Eye Center is and always has been to provide the best possible eye care to our patients. Since 1997, Dr. Shobha Tandon and her staff have helped thousands of patients reclaim their vision using their expertise and experience and the latest technological advances. Here at NeoVision Eye Center we only use the most advanced vision diagnostic and treatment equipment available to ensure safety and success. And of course we believe that everyone has the right to clear vision, so we offer multiple financing options to help pay for our services.

NeoVision Eye Center is located in the heart of Union City on the corner of Decoto Road and Union Square next to BV Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. We are across the street from the beautiful Charles F. Kennedy park, which is home to the Kennedy Park Amphitheater and the Union City Teen Center.

There are many commute options available to get to our clinic. If you are driving from out of town using CA Highway 880, take exit 21 Decoto Rd/CA-84 W toward Dumbarton Bridge. Our facility will be on the right-hand side. If you’re a fan of public transportation, we are also exactly 1 block away from the Union City BART station on either the Orange or Green Line.


NeoVision Eye Center provides LASIK, cataract, cosmetic, and other vision services to our Union City patients.

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Union City


2 Union Square,
Union City, CA 94587

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Meet Our Medical Director Shobha Tandon, MD, PhD

Dr. Shobha Tandon is your ophthalmologist at NeoVision.
Dr. Tandon is an expert in LASIK surgery, cataract surgery, and many other laser vision correction services.

  • Stanford-educated ophthalmologist with decades of experience practicing cutting-edge techniques.
  • A wide array of accolades and accomplishments with thousands of happy patients in the Bay Area.
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NeoVision is a family of professionals all dedicated to providing our patients with life-changing vision correction services. Meet our Union City staff!

Jane Doe at NeoVision Eye Center

Yari Nizama

Vision Specialist

Leticia Nizama

Leticia Nizama

ABO Certified Optician

Heather Johns at NeoVision Eye Center

Diane Thomas

Office Manager

Read Our Latest Google Reviews

I've been coming to see Dr. Tandon for the last few years and have been very happy with all the help she and her team have given me. I always get reminders for apts ahead of time, and when glasses or contacts were ready to pick up. After my recent lasik, Dr. Tandon has been great about following up to make sure the recovery is going well. I'm glad i found this office when i was looking for a new eye doctor 5 years ago.

Erin Pipes

I first visited NeoVision back in 2019 and was approved for LASIK. However, due to the outbreak of COVID, I decided to postpone the procedure until this year. And I am so glad I went back.. I highly recommend Dr. Tandon; she is incredibly warm, welcoming, and professional, with decades of experience. I truly appreciated her taking the time to explain every step of the procedure, which helped alleviate any nervousness I had. Throughout the journey, from my initial consultation and eye exam to the evaluation completed prior to the surgery at the NeoVision Center, and all the way to the actual LASIK procedure conducted by Dr. Tandon at the facility in Mountain View, she made sure I had a great experience. She was quite accommodating in helping me apply my HSA and PayFlex payment options appropriately. Thanks to her skill and expertise, I now have 20/20 vision. Thank you, Dr. Tandon, for the excellent care and exceptional results! It truly is life-changing.

Sneha Palliyil

I had Lasik surgery done by Dr. Shobha Tandon at NeoVision Eye Center, and it was great! I used to wear glasses with a strong prescription for around 18 years, but they were uncomfortable, and I got headaches often while studying and working. After the surgery, all those problems went away as my eyes healed. Before Lasik, I couldn't concentrate on the computer for long hours, which made it hard to take online tests and study for certifications. But after the surgery, I started preparing for an important certification and was thrilled to pass the test successfully. Dr. Shobha Tandon is a very polite, professional, and skilled doctor. I highly recommend her to anyone considering Lasik or facing complicated vision issues. The whole experience was smooth and rewarding thanks to her excellent care.

Milad Barakzai

Very happy with my LASIK results, writing this 6 months after my operation, and my vision is perfect. I went from having such bad nearsightedness I couldn't read a book unless it was inches away from me to seeing the 20/20 I was used to with glasses/contacts. The only difference is now I don't need any corrective lenses. Dr. Tandon was very knowledgeable and reassuring throughout the entire process of consultation, the LASIK surgery, and the follow-up appointments. I really appreciated how she scheduled many extra follow-up sessions for me since my vision was slow to reach 20/20 due to my very high starting prescription. She did everything she could to help ensure my healing went smoothly and even consulted her colleagues about my particular issues. We used both biodegradable tear duct plugs as well as prescription eye drops to help my healing go along smoother. I felt reassured with her guidance and expertise

Cody O'Neal

We were very happy to have chosen Dr. Shobha Tandon for cataract surgery. She is highly professional, polite and courteous. Her staff is always helpful and polite. We highly recommend Dr.Tandon.

syed hasan

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