Are you considering LASIK?

LASIK laser eye surgery helps hundreds of thousands of people see clearer every year.
If you’re considering LASIK, read on to learn more about the procedure, view patient testimonials, and find out what NeoVision can do for you. When you’re ready, contact us in Union City!

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LASIK Overview

LASIK can seem daunting. We break down the basics of LASIK laser eye surgery from procedure to recovery to results.


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Safety & Technology

Your safety is paramount. Learn about our commitment to safety and our cutting-edge technology.


LASIK Cost and Financing

Cost & Financing

What does LASIK cost? Learn more about the cost of LASIK laser eye surgery and financing options available at NeoVision.


LASIK Testimonials


Hear from our past patients directly! They share their experience with LASIK laser eye surgery at NeoVision.


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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Shobha Tandon has over two decades of experience helping patients see their best.


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Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

Many people are candidates for LASIK laser eye surgery. We help you figure out if LASIK is the right choice for you.


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LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Overview

No needles; no stitches; no pain. All of our LASIK procedures use the all-laser approach to provide personalized vision correction for our patients. LASIK is a fast and effective refractive surgery utilizing laser technology to correct imperfections in your cornea. The cornea is first exposed, allowing our advanced, computer-guided laser system to alter its shape. Visual aberrations are in turn reduced or eliminated, meaning improved vision for you!

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Benefits of LASIK

LASIK laser eye surgery can be a life-changing experience, offering a number of benefits that may have seemed impossible.

  • Never wear glasses or contacts again: see clearly all day, every day without any hassle.
  • Save money in the long run: no more monthly or yearly expenses for new contacts and glasses.
Contacts and eye glasses

LASIK Options

Though many qualify for it, conventional LASIK has a number of alternatives. NeoVision offers these alternatives to help each patient with their unique needs.

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    LASIK laser eye surgery is the most commonly performed refractive procedure today. The Excimer laser reshapes the cornea, greatly improving visual acuity—usually within 24 hours.

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    IntraLase (also called all-laser LASIK) utilizes a second laser to “cut” the corneal flap, avoiding potential issues with the conventional microkeratome cutting.

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    PRK is a variation of LASIK without the standard corneal flap creation. PRK may be better for a patient based on corneal thickness and epithelial health.

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    Unlike conventional LASIK, CustomLASIK is able to treat high-order abberations (like ghosting and halos) using corneal mapping technology.

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    CustomVue corneal mapping combined with all-laser IntraLase makes for the best possible LASIK surgery today, offering even more safety and precision.

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    LASEK (or epi-LASIK) is a modified form of PRK that may be a better option for patients whose corneas are too thin or too flat for other procedures.

Is LASIK Safe?

With a success rate over 95%, it’s no wonder that hundreds of thousands of patients trust their eyes to LASIK every single year. NeoVision has advanced procedures and technology, a surgeon with decades of experience, and a proven track record.

Laser Correction Technology

Advanced Technology

NeoVision uses advanced LASIK technology at our Union City office.


Expert Surgeon

Expert Surgeon

Dr. Shobha Tandon  is an expert LASIK laser eye surgeon who has over two decades of experience as an ophthalmologist.


NeoVision Patient

Proven Results

We have a 99% LASIK satisfaction rate and have performed thousands of successful surgeries for our patients.


What is your vision worth?

Our vision is a priceless aspect of who we are. For many, dealing with poor vision is the norm—just another part of everyday life. It’s in this way that LASIK laser eye surgery can change your life. You may not realize what clear vision is worth to you until you actually experience it firsthand, morning to night, every single day.

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What does LASIK really cost in the Bay Area? NeoVision lays out the cost of LASIK in no uncertain terms.


LASIK Financing Icon


Clear vision should be attainable by everyone. NeoVision offers financing options for your LASIK procedure.


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Cost Comparison

Contacts and glasses may cost you more than you realize—even more than LASIK costs over its lifetime.


Jon is a happy patient

Read Jon Nichols’ and over 400 patient reviews

Jon Nichols received Laser Vision Correction to restore his vision.

“I’ve been coming to dr tandon for a little over 10 years. I wore contact lenses for over 47 years before I had my LASIK, and the results of the surgery were better than I ever anticipated.”

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Meet Our Medical Director Shobha Tandon, MD, PhD

Dr. Shobha Tandon is your ophthalmologist at NeoVision.
Dr. Tandon is an expert in LASIK surgery, cataract surgery, and many other laser vision correction services.

  • Stanford-educated ophthalmologist with decades of experience practicing cutting-edge techniques.
  • A wide array of accolades and accomplishments with thousands of happy patients in the Bay Area.
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Learn About Dr. Tandon

Am I a candidate for LASIK?

While LASIK is a great option for many people, some people don’t qualify for the procedure based on a number of factors. Only a qualified ophthalmologist can tell you for sure if you’re a candidate for LASIK or other refractive surgeries.

Are you over 18 years of age?

Up until 18 (and even older), your eyes can still develop; LASIK may not be the best choice.

Do you have history of eye disease?

Depending on past or existing conditions, unhealthy eyes may not mix well with LASIK surgery.

LASIK Candidate

Do you have a stable prescription?

If your prescription is or has recently been unstable, LASIK may not be the best option to treat your condition.

Are you in overall good health?

Your overall health can be an important factor in determining if you’re a candidate for LASIK.

On the path to better eyesight? We can help you.

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