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Last week I had eye exam done by Dr. Shobhana. She is very nice, caring and patiently listens to your problems. The staff people are also very nice. I will for sure keep visiting her.

venkatesh mk

Dr. Tandon is the most caring doctor I have ever met. She always put my well being above all and consistently provide the best care for over 15 years plus.

lan nguyen

I have been a patient of Shoba Tandon for the last 8 yrs. Its been an incredible experience having her care of the numerous challenges I have had with my eyesight. Over the yrs she has patiently listened to me, suggested alternatives, given me the space to decide on my own and take corrective measures. I recently went thru surgery for getting IOL intraocular lens on both my eyes. Its a miracle and I have new pair of eyes as I can now see both near and far with the bifocal lens. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Tandon for giving me new sight and eliminated the need for wearing contact lens, glasses for the rest of my life. THANK YOU!!!!

rek rao

I had a very pleasant experience with Dr.Tandon. I have been receiving eye care for the past 4 years and I happened to see and go through all the brochures while I was waiting for my turn. So, I asked Dr.Tandon about LASIK. Dr.Tandon had lot of patience to answer every single detail and concerns about LASIK. I have never been pressurized for surgery . What led me more confident towards the surgery was that she said she had done LASIK on her own daughter and her son-in law who are of my age. At the beginning I was so skeptical about surgery as I have a high cylinder power, but Dr.Tandon was very knowledgable and answered all of my concerns regarding my high power. There is also a misconception that people with high astigmatism cannot have LASIK but I am here to prove that even with high astigmatism, Dr.Tandon can make LASIK a success. LASIK is highly beneficial for people who have high cylindrical power like me. My surgery was absolutely painless and I thoroughly followed the precautions given by doctor. Through out the surgery you will be aware of what's happening to your eyes and you don't have to be nervous. It's been one week after the surgery and my vision is 20/20. I highly recommend Dr.Tandon for any of your eye problems or considering LASIK.

Sirisha p
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Dr. Tandon has been my ophthalmologist since I was six years old. I recently turned 21 and have never seen anyone besides her because she is the absolute...

Deeba H.

My dad just had a cataract surgery and he is very happy with the the results and the whole experience. Dr. Tandon is very professional and knowledgeable and...

Catalina S.

I went to Dr Tandon after having my eyes checked by LensCrafters. Dr. Tandon explained to me that my eyes need cataract surgery which cause me to see blurry...

Ed S.
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