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I noticed my vision degrading quite rapidly. I took a test and discovered my grade went from 300-400 to 750-1000+. I got multiple opinions and was...

Jonathan E.

Went for routine examination, an updated prescription, and two new pairs of glasses. Received VIP treatment all the way, as I had in an earlier visit. They...

Lowell O.
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We were very happy to have chosen Dr. Shobha Tandon for cataract surgery. She is highly professional, polite and courteous. Her staff is always helpful and polite. We highly recommend Dr.Tandon.

syed hasan

Very happy with my LASIK results, writing this 6 months after my operation, and my vision is perfect. I went from having such bad nearsightedness I couldn't read a book unless it was inches away from me to seeing the 20/20 I was used to with glasses/contacts. The only difference is now I don't need any corrective lenses. Dr. Tandon was very knowledgeable and reassuring throughout the entire process of consultation, the LASIK surgery, and the follow-up appointments. I really appreciated how she scheduled many extra follow-up sessions for me since my vision was slow to reach 20/20 due to my very high starting prescription. She did everything she could to help ensure my healing went smoothly and even consulted her colleagues about my particular issues. We used both biodegradable tear duct plugs as well as prescription eye drops to help my healing go along smoother. I felt reassured with her guidance and expertise

Cody O'Neal

Very happy with my LASIK surgery it feels so good to see with out contacts or glasses. I would highly recommend them over any other place they know what they are doing! And they Evan have me 250$ gift to buy some sun glasses after surgery. Great job you guys thank you

Niq Mainy

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