Visual Field Analyzer (Humphrey)

Visual Field Analyzer (Humphrey)

The visual field is the entire area of vision that one sees out of each eye, including the corners (peripheral vision). The visual field is tested if a person notices specific changes in vision, for example, if he keeps bumping into objects on one side. Visual field testing helps your ophthalmologist in the diagnosis and management of loss of vision, glaucoma, disorders of retina, brain tumors, and strokes.

For performing this test, one of your eyes is temporarily patched. You will sit in front of a large, concave dome-shaped instrument and you will be asked to look at a central target within the dome. A computer-driven program flashes small lights of varying intensities at different locations within the dome’s surface, and you press a button when you see lights in your peripheral vision. Your responses are compared to age-matched controls to determine the presence of defects within your visual field. No special preparation is necessary for the test. This test finally produces a map of your complete field of vision. Your ophthalmologist will interpret the results and discuss with you.



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