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A fresh outlook on life is our philosophy. If you want to get rid of your unwanted moles, warts, skin tags, and other skin outgrowths to give you a new cosmetic look with enhanced confidence, you need to consider cosmetic radio-surgery!

Cosmetic Radio-Surgery

It is an unbelievable in-office procedure which is used to remove lumps and bumps on your face and body safely and effectively with virtually no risk of scarring. There are no stitches, no bleeding, and no pain with excellent cosmetic results. NeoVision is very proud to offer this state-of-the-art technology to our patients for dramatically improving their cosmetic appearance. Many of our patients have already experienced the wonders of this advanced technology.

Benefits of Cosmetic Radio-Surgery

It facilitates, accelerates, and improves surgical procedures tremendously with following noteworthy advantages:

  • Tissue removal occurs at a very superficial skin level
  • Minimal damage to surrounding tissues
  • Minimal scar tissue formation
  • No pain, no stitches, no bleeding, no post-operative swelling, or infection
  • Enhanced healing
  • Excellent cosmetic results

Radio-Surgery versus Conventional Knife Surgery

The use of Surgitron technology in cosmetic radio-surgery is increasing rapidly because it delivers far more superior results than other conventional scalpel-based surgery. The major differences are:

  • No pressure is used for cutting tissues by Surgitron. It is the radio wave which does the cutting.
  • There are no absolute power settings on the machine; surgeons learn settings only by experience. For example, a small moist lesion will require much less power to remove than a larger fibrous keratinized lesion.
  • If repeated incisions need to be made on the same lesion, time is allowed to let the edges cool down in-between the cuts, usually up to 10 seconds.
  • Rather than removing the whole lesion in one attempt, better cosmetic results are obtained by removing it piece-by-piece and “planning” the lesion until it is flushed with the surrounding skin.

The Surgitron Technology

Surgitron uses advanced radio-wave technology that provides unparalleled surgical control, precision, versatility, and safety. A surgical electrode, made out of fine tungsten wire, emits radio-waves at 3.8MHz and glides through tissue with no pressure. The cutting effect is performed without crushing cells. Heat is generated by the resistance offered by tissue to the passage of a radio frequency wave which disintegrates and volatizes the cells in its path. It causes the tissue to split apart as if it had been cut with a sharp razor-blade. An equally significant advantage is that the electrode is self-sterilizing while in use, diminishing the likelihood of post-procedure infection.

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Skin Outgrowths Removed by Radio-Surgery

A Surgitron is primarily used for the permanent removal of following undesired skin outgrowths for a smoother and more youthful look:

  • Skin Outgrowths Removed by Radio-SurgeryMoles: Usually brown and circular. They may be flat or raised and have even or irregular pigmentation. If they have changed recently they should be checked by a doctor to exclude melanoma (skin cancer).
  • Skin Tags: Fleshy outgrowths usually on a stalk.
  • Seborrhoeic Keratoses: Look like warts and are usually brown in color. They are soft and often break off if scratched. They are common in people over 35.
  • Warts: They are due to a viral infection. Common on hands but can occur anywhere.
  • Verrucas: Warts on the feet.

Radio-Surgery versus Location of Skin Outgrowths on Your Body

Radio-surgery effectively removes outgrowths present on any part of your body:

  • Face: The technique is particularly useful for facial growths and acne spots as there is no scarring and the healing period is short.
  • Armpits / Breasts / Neck / Groin: The technique is often used to remove skin tags under the armpits or breasts, around the V-line of the neck, and in the groin.
  • Arms / Legs / Back: It removes brown spots, solar keratoses, and other growths.
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Reasons for Removing the Skin Outgrowths

Although most skin outgrowths are harmless and can be left alone safely, they may be treated for the following reasons:


    • : If they are irritated by jewelry, clothing, footwear, comb, or razor.


    : If they are ugly or unsightly.

Removal of Skin Outgrowths by Cosmetic Radio-Surgery

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Treatment by Surgitron is painless. To further ensure your total comfort, a small local anesthetic injection is given to the area of treatment. The doctor then removes the undesired skin outgrowths with a Surgitron. Only the lesion itself is removed, leaving a flat raw non-bleeding surface which is no bigger than the surface area of the original lesion. This causes very little damage to the surrounding tissues allowing rapid healing and minimizing the risk of scarring. Seven to ten days later, the wound heals to leave a flat layer of new skin which gradually blends into the normal skin color.

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The total time of treatment depends upon the size and number of lesions to be removed. In general, the procedure takes only 20 to 30 minutes after which you will be free of your unwanted blemishes. The results are instantly visible and permanent with no necessary downtime and only one treatment is required for permanent removal.

If you would like to get rid of your unwanted warts/moles/skin tags etc., schedule a free consultation with NeoVision Eye Center at 510-431-5511 (Union City).

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