A chalazion is a small bump, similar to a stye, that appears on your eyelid because of a blocked oil gland. It can develop on the lower or upper eyelid where the Meibomian glands produce oil. Though it can disappear on its own in about one month, treatment can be required in certain cases.

If you notice a tender sport or hard lump on your eyelid and experience sensitivity to light, you should see a doctor, especially if it is large enough to block your vision. In rare cases, chalazia can be caused by skin cancer.

Certain people are more prone to get this type of cyst. Common risk factors include having a history with chalazion in the past and periodically touching your eye with unclean hands.

To treat a chalazion, Dr. Shobha Tandon may give you either steroid eye drops or antibiotics if there is concern that it may not run its course naturally.

In rare cases when a chalazion does not heal after treatment, it may need to be surgically removed, especially if it keeps growing. Surgery is a last resort and it is rarely required because most chalazia clear up with a combination of medication and home remedies.

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