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What is the Best Age to get LASIK Laser Eye Surgery?

LASIK laser eye surgery is one of the most widely performed procedures in the U.S. for correcting refractive errors and improving vision quality. There are a number of ways to determine if you are an ideal candidate to receive LASIK eye surgery, but your age may be a bigger ...

healthy and cheerful young women at home recovering from lasik eye surgery very well

Do’s and Don’ts During LASIK Aftercare and Recovery

Tips for a Quick and Healthy Recovery After LASIK Eye Surgery At NeoVision Eye Center personalized aftercare is never an afterthought. A healthy and easy recovery is just as essential to your LASIK procedure as the surgery itself. Our dedicated team is here to ensure your journey to better vision ...

Beautiful female eye with blue laser ray. Vision correction surgery on female eye.

What is Bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery?

Experience Bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery with IntraLase Laser Technology Traditional LASIK is one of the first vision correction procedures to treat refractive errors with laser technology. Since it’s approval by the FDA in 1999, developments in laser science have led to further advancements in LASIK technology and improved surgical outcomes.&...

WaveFront eye scan Advanced Laser Technology for Custom LASIK Eye Surgery

Get Customized LASIK Eye Surgery with WaveFront Technology

WaveFront: Advanced Laser Technology for Custom LASIK Eye Surgery Since it was first approved by the FDA in 1999, over 10 million people in the United States have undergone LASIK Eye Surgery. With a success rate of over 95%, it’s no wonder that hundreds of thousands of patients turn to LASIK every ...

person Calculating Bill In Front Of Pink Piggy Bank with glasses on Over Desk

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Cost of LASIK

What Most Patients are Surprised to Learn About How Much LASIK Costs Our patients are our number one priority at NeoVision Eye Center. Our team will take the time to answer any and all of your questions about LASIK eye surgery. Below we have outlined some of the things that ...

close-up of young women eyes with high tech scan imaging

The Ultimate Guide to LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Everything You Need To Know About LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Over 10 million people in the USA have already experienced the life-changing effects of LASIK laser vision correction. If you are considering correcting your vision problems with laser eye surgery or are preparing for your upcoming procedure this guide is for ...

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