Cosmetic Surgery

Close up of a man's face who has Ptosis, drooping upper eyelid

Upper Eyelid Surgery Aftercare and Healing

What to Expect After Having Ptosis Surgery for Upper Eyelid Drooping Ptosis is a medical condition that causes the upper eye skin to droop over the eye. This condition can affect either one or both of the eyelids and is either developed at birth, or it can develop as you ...

close up of the pterygium during eye examination

7 Common Questions About Pterygium

Pterygium: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment Are you experiencing irritation or dryness in your eye? Do you notice a spot on your eye that wasn’t there before? If so, there’s a chance that you could have pterygium.  In this guide, we answer the most common questions about ...

what eye floaters look like

What Causes Eye Floaters in My Vision?

If you have noticed little dots, or squiggles in your vision, that seem to float away when you try to focus on them directly, those are most likely eye floaters.  The Most Common Cause of Eye Floaters Our eyes are contained by a jelly-like substance made of tiny cells ...

Laser Eye Surgery

7 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Getting LASIK Surgery

Approved by the FDA in 1999, LASIK is the most popular refractive eye surgery worldwide. In fact, approximately 700,000 people choose to under go this minimally invasive eye surgery every year. If you are considering ditching your eye glasses and contact lenses for a more permanent solution, LASIK laser eye surgery may ...

Close-up of a senior man's eye

How to Spot the 4 Most Common Age-Related Eye Conditions

What Are the Most Common Eye Conditions Associated with Aging? As we age, our eyes naturally change and can become weaker. If not detected and cared for early on, age-related eye conditions can eventually lead to permanent vision loss. In fact, it is estimated that over one million people over ...

Mature Woman Looking At Mirror And Touching Face

3 Cosmetic Eye Surgeries to Help You Look Younger

Our Most Requested Cosmetic Services to Reverse the Signs of Aging Aging affects our faces differently, but for many it leaves us looking tired or older than we actual feel. Your face is how you greet the world, and when you start to notice signs of aging around your eyes ...

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