Our Most Requested Cosmetic Services to Reverse the Signs of Aging and Look Younger Instantly

Aging affects our faces differently, but for many it leaves us looking tired or older than we actual feel. Your face is how you greet the world, and when you start to notice signs of aging around your eyes it can affect your confidence and mute your energy. It makes sense that cosmetic eye surgeries are some of our most popular services for adults looking to revive health and vitality around their eyes. Here are our top 3 cosmetic eye surgeries and how they can help you look younger.

The Most Common Signs of Aging in Your Face

  • Drooping Eyelids
  • Puffy Eye Bags
  • Pterygium or “Surfer’s Eye”
  • Facial Lumps or Bumps

At NeoVision Eye Center in Union City, our doctors specialize in facial cosmetic procedures that reverse these signs of aging and help your natural vitality shine through. 

1. Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery

Because the eyelid skin is so thin and elastic, droopy eyelids, or excess eyelid skin, will commonly become more pronounced as we age. This can create an appearance of grogginess or sleep deprivation in even the most energetic people. Apart from physical attributions, this condition can lead to discomfort or even limited vision.

Our surgeons at NeoVision Eye Center and highly skilled and able to correct these conditions through eyelid surgery, also called Blepharoplasty. In this procedure the excess skin in the upper and or lower eyelid is removed with precision and care, returning youth and energy back to your appearance.

2. Cosmetic Radio-Surgery

Our skilled doctors are proud to offer the most advanced surgical technologies to our patients, including those who want to improve their appearance cosmetically. That is why we provide cosmetic radio-surgery to those looking to remove any unsightly lumps of bumps on their faces.

Cosmetic radio-surgery requires no stitches, causes no bleeding, has virtually no risk of scarring, and will ensure amazing cosmetic results. This blade-free procedure is perfect for those looking to remove unwanted skin tags, moles, or other skin outgrowths with a short healing period.

3. Pterygium Treatment

Pterygium, or “Surfer’s Eye”, is an eye growth that covers the white part of the eye but is completely benign. These superficial growths are usually white in color but can also be pink, yellow, brown or even colorless. If left untreated pterygium can grow large enough to interfere with your vision.

Treatments for pterygium can vary depending on the severity of the growth, where on the eye it is growing, and the effect the growth is having on the eye. At NeoVision Eye Center we are happy to offer the option of removal of a pterygium with a relatively simple surgical procedure.

This outpatient procedure is performed under local or topical anesthesia and you will be able to return home the same day. Most of our patients are able to return to their daily activities, such as work, within one or two days of their pterygium removal surgery.

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Everyone at some point or another will look in the mirror and recognize some things in their appearance that they didn’t notice when they were eighteen, or even twenty-eight. At NeoVision Eye Center the improvement of your vision, comfort, and appearance are our main goals.

Deciding to have cosmetic surgery is a personal journey and our trusted surgeons want to be there for you every step of the way to ensure your optimal health and comfort.  Take the first step towards your goal and schedule a free consultation with NeoVision Eye Center for your cosmetic procedure today.