Athletes rely heavily on their visual acuity to perform, and need sharp vision at all times, without refocusing delays or limits to their peripheral vision, which are just two reasons why athletes get LASIK eye surgery.  

Why Athletes Choose LASIK  

Professional athletes, including NBA Pro Basketball player LeBron James, PGA golf pro Tiger Woods, and NFL football running back Tiki Barber have all had LASIK eye surgery to improve their vision.  From hall-of-fame pros to aspiring rookies, vision correction surgery has helped many athletes improve their performance without corrective eyewear getting in their way. 

Read on to learn four reasons why more and more athletes choose LASIK surgery to give them that extra edge when competing.  

1. “Always on,” unblocked vision 

Though prescription sports goggles can address the need for vision correction for sports activities, with LASIK, players enjoy unhampered peripheral vision, with no earpieces or lens frames to create blind spots. While contacts address these issues, they come with their own set of limitations.  

Sweat or dirt entering the eyes, or dry eyes can cause focusing issues as the contacts are slow to settle into place. In addition, debris, sweat, and dry eyes can cause them to be dislodged. Athletes enjoy maximum comfort and no focusing limitations with LASIK.  

2. Improved Contrast 

When compared to other vision correction options, such as glasses and contacts, vision corrected with LASIK provides patients with a better ability to see in a variety of lighting and adds improved contrast. This can be very important for athletes, when games can be at any time of day, and have either natural or artificial light. Sharp contrast can make all the difference when the ball is headed toward your centerfield position.  

3. Confidence Boost 

On game day, added to the necessary skill and training, confidence can win the day . . . and the game. LASIK eye surgery gives players a boost in confidence, as they are set free from glasses, and more still when they can engage in any activity without worrying about inserting or removing lenses.   

4. Fast, Easy Recovery 

Downtime matters when you play competitively, which is why athletes appreciate the fast, easy recovery that LASIK offers. Recovery may include a bit of discomfort for the first day or two, which is relieved with the use of anti-inflammatory drops and medication provided by the surgeon. 

Patients typically return to their normal activities, such as driving, nonstrenuous work, and light exercise, within a couple of days of surgery. The ophthalmologist monitors healing progress with follow-up appointments and lets patients know when they can head back to the court, the field, or engage in other strenuous activities. Healing time is different for everyone, but most people are able to return to all activities within two weeks.  

Enjoy Your Athletic or Leisure Pursuits More with LASIK from NeoVision 

With the corrected vision you can enjoy through LASIK, you can say goodbye to precious time lost from refocusing, bulky and sometimes foggy goggles. In addition, you can avoid the frequent prescription changes that necessitate new corrective lenses. Say yes to LASIK and hello to better visual acuity with improved contrast, and the added confidence of clear vision that’s always available and doesn’t require maintenance. 

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