Dr. Shobha Tandon receives several patients who come in complaining about issues related to dry eyes. This is one of the more common issues related to the eyes and often can be corrected with a few modifications in environment or practices.

Dry eyes typically get worse as we age and can become a chronic problem. In those cases, patients could be dealing with an underproduction of tears or an excessive evaporation of tears due to a deficiency in the oil layer of the eye. In non-chronic cases, certain factors like fans and long hours at the computer can make symptoms of dry eyes worse. Certain weather like windy or cold conditions can lead to dry eyes as well.

Scheduling a visit with Dr. Tandon to assess the nature of your dry eye problem is important, so that the proper solution can be figured out. Keep in mind that there is no cure for dry eyes, but there are several ways to improve your situation and eliminate the redness, pain and discomfort often associated with this condition. Dr. Tandon is located in Union City, California.