Your Guide to Vision Correction after Cataract Surgery 

Cataract surgery with artificial intraocular lenses, almost always corrects pre-existing refraction errors, so that patients no longer need glasses, but if you’re an exception to this norm, you may wonder how soon after cataract surgery you can get new glasses.  

In this article, you will learn about cataract surgery’s prized fringe benefit of vision correction, recovery times, and how long to wait to update your glasses prescription.  

Refraction Errors Corrected with Cataract Surgery 

Cataract Surgery is one of the most common, routine surgeries in the United States, with millions of surgeries performed annually, and 95% of patients experiencing improved vision. There is no other treatment for cataracts than surgery, and if left untreated, cataracts can lead to complete blindness.  

The good news is that, in the process of replacing the lens that has been clouded with a cataract, most patients can enjoy freedom from glasses or contacts as well. In fact, many people are eager to have their cataracts reach that operable threshold, so that they can enjoy better vision than they have had for decades, without the need for corrective lenses.   

Intraocular Lens Implants (IOL) 

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When a cataract is removed, your eye’s natural lens is replaced with a permanent, artificial intraocular lens (IOL) implant. At NeoVision Eye Center, we offer high-quality continuous vision IOL implants. These lenses decrease a patient’s dependence on corrective eyewear. Advanced IOLs correct a patient’s vision for all distances. Some IOLs even correct age-related farsightedness, eliminating the need for reading glasses. 

During the pre-surgery consultation, your eye surgeon will determine the best IOL for your current vision prescription, so that you can enjoy the best possible vision after your cataract surgery. 

Post Cataract Surgery Recovery and Vision 

Most patients adjust to the new artificial lens quickly, but some may experience a gradual improvement in their vision for up to six weeks following cataract surgery. Your eye surgeon will schedule you for follow-up visits to closely monitor your progress and ensure there are no complications. Every patient’s healing process is different. For this reason, post-surgery appointments should not be overlooked.  

To learn more about the recovery process, read our article on Cataract Surgery Aftercare and Healing

When to Schedule Your Vision Exam for New Glasses 

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Depending on which lenses your surgeon used, and your own, unique eye and vision health, you may still need prescription glasses after your recovery and adjustment period has ended. If your vision is still not optimum once your eyes have fully adjusted to the IOL, a refractory exam will be performed to determine your new prescription for eyeglasses.  

It can be frustrating to have trouble seeing, while you wait for your eyes to adjust. And then you may have a shorter, additional waiting period if new glasses are needed. If you find you are having trouble with near vision during recovery or while you wait for your new prescription glasses to arrive, you can use a generic, inexpensive pair of reading glasses for reading and close work.  

New Glasses for a New You from NeoVision Eye Center 

If you find you still need glasses after your cataract surgery, make an appointment for a refractory eye exam at NeoVision Eye Center, then visit the optical department for a wide array of styles to choose from, with numerous options when it comes to lens materials and coatings. You’re sure to find something that will meet your needs and reflect your unique style.  

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