When you finally get to that long-awaited summer vacation, you want it to be as fun and comfortable as possible. Taking good care of your eye health will help you avoid any unpleasantness with your eyes that can put a crimp in your vacation. In this article, we’ll share four ophthalmologist-recommended eye care essentials for summer travel. In addition, we’ll share some summer eye care tips.  

What is an Ophthalmologist?  

An Ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the care and treatments related to eyes. They have completed all necessary training and are certified to perform all eye health procedures, including eye surgery. For nearly 30 years, Dr. Shobha Tandon has been the medical director, ophthalmologist, and sole eye surgeon at NeoVision in Union City, California.  

4 Summer Travel Vision Care Essentials 

With these handy summer eye care travel essentials, you won’t need to bring another suitcase. Just pop these vital ophthalmologist-recommended eye care items in your purse or carryon and you’re all set.  

1. Eye Drops 

Woman tilting head back and squeezing eye drops into eye.

Eyes need to stay hydrated to function properly and comfortably. Dry eyes can cause irritation and discomfort, and even invite infection. It’s especially crucial to have eye drops on hand for summer traveling. When traveling during the warmer months, your eyes can be subjected to more sun and wind, and perhaps more dry, air-conditioned environments.  

Ophthalmologists advise keeping preservative-free artificial tears handy in the aircraft cabin when flying. This is because the recirculated air on planes is very dry. (Eye drops are on the TSA-approved list for stowing in carry-ons.) For those who are able to nap during the flight, using them upon waking helps to hydrate your eyes after the long period of not blinking. For contact wearers, it’s a must if the contacts weren’t removed for the nap. Ophthalmologist recommendations for contact wearers include removing contacts before napping and definitely using eyedrops after an unplanned nap to rehydrate and lubricate your lenses.   

In addition to the possible increase of dry air and sun, many people sleep less while maximizing every opportunity to take in the sights and new experiences on summer trips. Getting a good night’s sleep is preferable, but if that’s not an option, eye drops can be very beneficial for tired eyes.  

2. Back-up Glasses 

close-up of broken pair of glasses with lens popped out on pavement.

For contact wearers and eyeglass wearers alike, having a spare pair of glasses while traveling can provide peace of mind and may just get you out of a big, unexpected hassle. Vacation time is precious and shouldn’t be spent finding an eye doctor and replacing broken or lost glasses. Contact wearers who don’t normally need to take their contacts out any sooner than bedtime may find themselves wanting to while on vacation, to give their eyes a rest after a day of sea and sun. Plus, unexpected allergens may trigger seasonal eye allergies that make the contacts uncomfortable. Having a pair of glasses to fall back on is a good idea for when the contacts are out or as a backup if they get lost or damaged. 

3. Sun Protection  

Bearded redheaded man wearing hat and sunglasses sitting on a beach.

Did you know your eyes can get sunburned? This unsettling condition is called photokeratitis and is caused when surfaces like water, sand, or pavement reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays into your eyes, burning the cornea. 

To prevent sunburn, dryness, and eye fatigue from squinting, sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection are a must. It’s also a good idea to wear hats with a brim to shield your eyes from the sun.  Make sure your children have sunglasses and hats as well. Children and adults under the age of 20 are the most susceptible to the damaging effects of UV light on their eyes! 

NeoVision offers a wide variety of popular sunglass brands and styles specially fit for your comfort and designed to protect your eyes on even the sunniest of days. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for you and your family before your summer travels.  

4. Spa Eye Mask 

Long-haired woman with eyes closed, relaxing on bed while wearing a gel spa mask and soft white headband.

Picking up a spa eye mask before your summer travels can ensure you have a great way to apply a cool compress to your eyes if they are tired or moist heat if they’re dry. They don’t take up much room and can provide instant relief, so you can continue to enjoy your vacation. These masks typically contain gel or beads that can be chilled in the hotel mini fridge or microwaved for moist heat. They can also be used as a sleep eye mask to block the morning sun or the neon lights so you can sleep. Remember, your eyes need rest, too.  

3 Summer Eye Care Tips 

In addition to packing all the summer eye care essentials, it’s good to know the ophthalmologist-suggested best practices to keep your eyes healthy and happy. Here are three things you can do to support your eye health and visual acuity for your summer vacation: 

1. Hydrate Your Eyes 

Keeping your eyes hydrated while on vacation is easy. Here are several ways you can hydrate your eyes while on summer vacation: 

  • Use preservative-free artificial tears throughout the day 
  • Try to steer clear of cigarette smoke, which can be drying to your eyes 
  • Buy and use wraparound sunglasses for added protection in the wind, which can dry your eyes 
  • Drink plenty of water, to keep your whole body, including your eyes, hydrated 

2. Wear Sunglasses – even on cloudy days 

Using sunglasses when the sun is in your eyes is pretty obvious. Not so obvious is the need to use them on cloudy days when the glare can be just as dangerous. Ophthalmologists recommend UV protection sunglasses whenever you spend time outdoors during daylight hours.  

3. Update Your Glasses or Contacts RX 

With so many sights to see while you’re enjoying your summer vacation, you’ll want to make sure they’re all in sharp focus. Getting your eyes checked before you go is a great idea, so you can ensure you have the most up-to-date prescription for your glasses or contacts. If you haven’t tried contacts, ask your doctor if you might be a candidate for contacts. They may make traveling easier, especially when it comes to things like looking into telescopes at lookout spots, wearing 3D glasses, using binoculars, etc.   Make sure to ask your ophthalmologist about UV protection contacts and update your prescription sunglasses too! 

Schedule an Eye Exam to Ensure the Summer Sights Are in Sharp Focus 

Now you know what ophthalmologists suggest you pack for your summer trips to keep your eyes healthy: liquid tears, back-up glasses, sunglasses, sunhat, and an eye mask. Plus, you’re equipped with three ophthalmologist-recommended tips for keeping your eyes healthy while you’re enjoying your time away. At NeoVision, we support you in your efforts to keep your eyes healthy and seeing clearly. We provide a full scope of vision and eye health services, including comprehensive exams, optometric services, and LASIK and cataract surgery.  

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